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Contact Us: We at are asking family, friends, or loved ones to contact us regarding your active military hero that we would like to thank and honor for their service to our country. requests local service members who live , have lived in, or worked in the greater Chico area (Chico, Durham, Nord, Cohasset, etc.) to allow their image on our military banners which will be flown on utility poles in various locations in the Chico area.

We request three different digital pictures showing the service person in their military attire (dress uniform, boot camp photo, fatigues, etc.). The best transferable photograph will be superimposed onto a heavy gauge, two sided vinyl banner measuring approximately 5 feet by 2.5 feet. The banner will show the service person’s photo, name, branch of service, and words of thanks. When banners are taken down, they will be presented to the service member and/or family. Refer to the gallery page on this site for examples of the banners. Please email us at Simply attach a jpeg file of the photographs to your email.

Donations: Our program is funded solely on the generosity of those who support our local military heroes. All funding will go to furthering this program and making our servicemen and women, their families, and the residents of Chico proud to see these banners displayed throughout our town. Donations can be made online through the Golden Valley Bank Community Foundation, in person at Golden Valley Bank at 190 Cohasset Road Suite 170 Chico, in person at future functions, or by mail at, 1354 East Avenue, Ste. R #211, Chico CA 95926. We can also be contacted by email at